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Blacksmith Puts a New Shoe on a Bay Mare Other
See larger image

Blacksmith Puts a New Shoe on a Bay Mare
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Blacksmith Puts a New Shoe on a Bay Mare Other

A Courtyard in Olden Times Other
See larger image

A Courtyard in Olden Times
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy A Courtyard in Olden Times Other

A Portrait Study of Lady Harriet Hamilton Other
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A Portrait Study of Lady Harriet Hamilton
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy A Portrait Study of Lady Harriet Hamilton Other

A Study for Bolton Abbey in the Olden Time Other
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A Study for Bolton Abbey in the Olden Time
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy A Study for Bolton Abbey in the Olden Time Other

Arab Stallion Other
See larger image

Arab Stallion
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Arab Stallion Other

Comical Dogs 1836 Other
See larger image

Comical Dogs 1836
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Comical Dogs 1836 Other

Duchess of Abercorn Looking out of a Window Other
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Duchess of Abercorn Looking out of a Window
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Duchess of Abercorn Looking out of a Window Other

Falcon 1837 Other
See larger image

Falcon 1837
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Falcon 1837 Other

Hunters and Hounds 1823 Other
See larger image

Hunters and Hounds 1823
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Hunters and Hounds 1823 Other

Jack in Office c.1833 Other
See larger image

Jack in Office c.1833
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Jack in Office c.1833 Other

Lady Dyke Other
See larger image

Lady Dyke
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Lady Dyke Other

Naughty Child Other
See larger image

Naughty Child
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Naughty Child Other

Neptune the Property of William Ellis Gosling Esq. 1824 Other
See larger image

Neptune the Property of William Ellis Gosling Esq. 1824
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Neptune the Property of William Ellis Gosling Esq. 1824 Other

Niccolo Paganini Playing the Violin 1831 Other
See larger image

Niccolo Paganini Playing the Violin 1831
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Niccolo Paganini Playing the Violin 1831 Other

No Hunting Till the Weather Breaks Other
See larger image

No Hunting Till the Weather Breaks
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy No Hunting Till the Weather Breaks Other

Otter Hounds Other
See larger image

Otter Hounds
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Otter Hounds Other

Pomeranian Dog Other
See larger image

Pomeranian Dog
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Pomeranian Dog Other

Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Wells Later Lady Dyke 1831 Other
See larger image

Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Wells Later Lady Dyke 1831
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Wells Later Lady Dyke 1831 Other

Portrait of Sir Walter Scott c.1824 Other
See larger image

Portrait of Sir Walter Scott c.1824
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Portrait of Sir Walter Scott c.1824 Other

Ptarmigan Other
See larger image

by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Ptarmigan Other

Queen Victoria Landing at Loch Muick after the Painting of 1850 Other
See larger image

Queen Victoria Landing at Loch Muick after the Painting of 1850
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Queen Victoria Landing at Loch Muick after the Painting of 1850 Other

Queen Victoria at Osborne after the Painting of 1865 Other
See larger image

Queen Victoria at Osborne after the Painting of 1865
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Queen Victoria at Osborne after the Painting of 1865 Other

Serving the Guns Other
See larger image

Serving the Guns
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy Serving the Guns Other

The Connoisseurs Other
See larger image

The Connoisseurs
by Edwin Henry Landseer
Other (0 in. x 0 in.)

Buy The Connoisseurs Other

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Edwin Henry Landseer paintings on canvas and art prints

Amongst the most popular canvas paintings and fine art prints in Edwin Henry Landseer are Blacksmith Puts a New Shoe on a Bay Mare Other, A Courtyard in Olden Times Other, A Portrait Study of Lady Harriet Hamilton Other, A Study for Bolton Abbey in the Olden Time Other, Arab Stallion Other, Comical Dogs 1836 Other, Duchess of Abercorn Looking out of a Window Other, Falcon 1837 Other, Hunters and Hounds 1823 Other, Jack in Office c.1833 Other, . Also popular fine art prints are Lady Dyke Other, Naughty Child Other, Neptune the Property of William Ellis Gosling Esq. 1824 Other, Niccolo Paganini Playing the Violin 1831 Other, No Hunting Till the Weather Breaks Other, Otter Hounds Other, Pomeranian Dog Other, Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Wells Later Lady Dyke 1831 Other, Portrait of Sir Walter Scott c.1824 Other, Ptarmigan Other, .

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Henriette Lorimier
Henriette Ronner-Knip
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Jean Baptiste Debret
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Jean Francois Garneray
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Jean Louis Forain
Jean Louis Victor Viger du Vigneau
Jean Paul Laurens
Jean Pierre Franque
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
Jean-Baptiste Edouard Detaille
Jean-Baptiste Isabey
Jean-Baptiste Joseph Wicar
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
Jean-Baptiste-Prudent Carbillet
Jean-Charles Tardieu
Jean-Didier Risler
Jean-Francois Millet
Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier
Jean-LĂ©on GĂ©rĂ´me
Jean-baptiste Vermay
Jennie Augusta Brownscombe
Jervis Mcentee
Joaquin Clausell
Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida
Johan Christian Clausen Dahl
Johan-Barthold Jongkind
Johann Baptist Hofner
Johann Hamza
Johann Heinrich BĂĽrkel
Johann Lorenz Rugendas
Johann Moritz Rugendas
Johann Sperl
Johannes Bartholomaus Duntze
Johannes Boesen
Johannes Martin Grimelund
John Absolon
John Appleton Brown
John Atkinson Grimshaw
John Bradley
John Byam Shaw
John Callcott Horsley
John Callow
John Clayton Adams
John Collier
John Constable
John Edmund Buckley
John Edward Davis
John Emms
John Everett Millais
John Francis Murphy
John Frederick Herring I
John Frederick Herring II
John Frederick Kensett
John Frederick Lewis
John Frederick Peto
John Gast
John George Brown
John Glover
John Henry Frederick Bacon
John Henry Twachtman
John J. Lee
John James Audubon
John La Farge
John Leech
John Leslie Breck
John Linnell
John Martin
John Melhuish Strudwick
John Mix Stanley
John Pettie
John Reinhard Weguelin
John Roddam Spencer Stanhope
John Rogers Herbert
John Ruskin
John Sell Cotman
John Singer Sargent
John Syer
John Tenniel
John Vanderlyn
John Warner Barber
John White Alexander
John William Inchbold
John William Waterhouse
John Wilson Carmichael
Jose Aparicio
Jose Gil De Castro
Jose Gutierrez De La Vega
Josef Danhauser
Josef Grassi
Josef Karl Stieler
Joseph Bail
Joseph Bonaventure Laurens
Joseph Caraud
Joseph Clayton Clarke
Joseph Crawhall
Joseph Farquharson
Joseph Frederic Charles Soulacroix
Joseph Keppler
Joseph Kronheim
Joseph Marie Vien
Joseph Nicolas Jouy
Joseph Rhodes
Joseph Severn
Joseph Such
Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury
Jozef Israels
Jules Bastien-Lepage
Jules Breton
Jules Didier
Jules Elie Delaunay
Jules Ernest Renoux
Jules Jean Geoffroy
Jules Joseph Lefebvre
Julian Alden Weir
Julien Dupré
Juliette Wytsman
Julius Adam
Karl Blechen
Karl Bodmer
Karl Friedrich Schinkel
Karl Gustav Carus
Karl Heffner
Karl Von Jagemann
Karoly Ferenczy
Karoly Lotz
Kate Elisabeth Bunce
Kate Greenaway
Katsukawa Shun'ei
Katsukawa Shunei
Katsushika Hokusai
Katsushika Taito II
Keeley Halswelle
Keisai Eisen
Kikugawa Toshinobu Eizan
Koloman Moser
Konstantin Petrovich Pomerantsev
L Bennet
Lady Laura Alma-tadema
Lajos Deak Ebner
Lancelot Théodore Turpin De Crissé
Laszlo Pataky
Laurits Regner Tuxen
Leon Delachaux
Leon Francois Comerre
Leon Joseph Florentin Bonnat
Leon-Auguste-Adolphe Belly
Leonardo Alenza
Leopold Flameng
Lionel Noel Royer
Lodewijk Kleyn
Lodovico Pogliaghi
Louis Boulanger
Louis Cabaillot Lasalle
Louis Charles Auguste Couder
Louis Eugene Gabriel Isabey
Louis Fairfax Muckley
Louis Gallait
Louis Garneray
Louis Hersent
Louis Jules Arnout
Louis Le Breton
Louis Lejeune
Louis Leopold Boilly
Louis Poyet
Louis Robert Carrier-Belleuse
Louis RĂ©my Mignot
Louis Welden Hawkins
Louis-philippe Crépin
Louise Abbema
Louise Marie Jeanne Hersent
Lowell Birge Harrison
Lucy Madox Brown
Ludwig Deutsch
Luigi Ademollo
Luigi Loir
Luigi Mussini
Luigi Rossi
Luigi Sabatelli
Luis Jimenez Y Aranda
LĂ©on Augustin L'hermitte
LĂ©on Jean Basile Perrault
M. Adamo
M.e. Winge
Malthe Odin Engelstedt
Margaret Macdonald
Marguerite Gerard
Maria Konstantinovna Bashkirtseva
Marianne Stokes
Marie Alexandre Alophe
Marie Louise Catherine Breslau
Marie Spartali Stillman
Mark Vincent
Martin Drolling
Martin Johnson Heade
Martinus Rorbye
Mary Cassatt
Maurice Denis
Maurice Utrillo
Max Liebermann
Michael Wutky
Mihaly Munkacsy
Mihaly von Zichy
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel
Miklos Barabas
Moritz Michael Daffinger
Moritz Muller
Moritz Von Schwind
Narcisse Berchere
Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Pena
Nelly Erichsen
Ni Tian
Niccolo Cannicci
Nicholas Alden Brooks
Nicholas Winfield Scott Leighton
Nicolas Antoine Taunay
Nikanor Grigor'evich Chernetsov
Nikolai Alexandrovich Bestuzhev
Nikolai Dmitrievich Kuznetsov
Nikolai Stepanovich Vereshchagin
Odoardo Borrani
Olaf August Hermansen
Oliver Tarbell Eddy
Orest Adamovich Kiprensky
Oscar Bluhm
Oswald Achenbach
Oswald Wirth
Otto Wagner
Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-Bouveret
Patrick MacDowell
Patrick Nasmyth
Paul Baudry
Paul Berthon
Paul Cezanne
Paul Delaroche
Paul Desire Trouillebert
Paul Gauguin
Paul Gavarni
Paul Kane
Paul Ranson
Paul Seignac
Paul von Szinyei-Merse
Paulin Jean Baptiste Guérin
Peder Severin Kröyer
Percy F.s. Spence
Perrine Viger
Peter Fendi
Peter Von Cornelius
Philip Hermogenes Calderon
Philipp Otto Runge
Pierre Andre Brouillet
Pierre Bonnard
Pierre Carrier-belleuse
Pierre Edouard Frere
Pierre Felix Cottrau
Pierre Jean Francois Turpin
Pierre Narcisse Guérin
Pierre Puvis de Chavannes
Pierre Roch Vigneron
Pierre Tetar Van Elven
Pierre-Antoine Poiteau
Pierre-Auguste Cot
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Pierre-Joseph Redouté
Pierre-nolasque Bergeret
Pietro Benvenuti
Prosper Georges Antoine Marilhat
R. Gordon Smith
Raffaello Sernesi
Raimundo De Madrazo Y Garetta
Ramon Marti Alsina
Raphael Peale
Raphael Von Ambros
Regis Francois Gignoux
Rembrandt Peale
Rev. William Gilpin
Reverend F.o. Morris
Richard Ansdell
Richard Bridges Beechey
Richard Burchett
Richard Caton Woodville
Richard Caton Woodville II
Richard Dadd
Richard Doyle
Richard Parkes Bonington
Richard Redgrave
Richard Spencer
Robert Atkinson
Robert Blum
Robert Dighton
Robert Dudley
Robert Farren
Robert Fowler
Robert John Thornton
Robert Lefevre
Robert Payton Reid
Robert Scott Duncanson
Robert Swain Gifford
Robert Walter Weir
Robert Zund
Rodolphe Wytsman
Roger Fry
Rosa Bonheur
Rudolph Ernst
Rudolph von Alt
Sakai Hoitsu
Salomon Corrodi
Salvador Sanchez Barbudo
Samuel Colman
Samuel Lane
Samuel Palmer
Samuel de Wilde
Santiago Rusinol
Saverio Altamura
Sawrey Gilpin
Seth Eastman
Sidney Paget
Silvestro Lega
Simeon Solomon
Simon Hollosy
Sir David Wilkie
Sir Joseph Noel Paton
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Sir Walter Firle
Sir William Allan
Sir William Beechey
Sophie Anderson
Spencer Frederick Gore
Spy (Leslie M. Ward)
Sr. Alfred De Breanski
Suzuki Motonaga Kiitsu
Telemaco Signorini
Than Mor
Theodor Von Hormann
Theodore Chasseriau
Theodore Gerard
Theodore Robinson
Theophile Emmanuel Duverger
Theud Gronland
Thomas Alexander Ferfuson Graham
Thomas Allom
Thomas Baines
Thomas Baker
Thomas Birch
Thomas Blinks
Thomas Chambers
Thomas Cole
Thomas Couture
Thomas Cowperthwait Eakins
Thomas Doughty
Thomas Girtin
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hovenden
Thomas Jones
Thomas Lawrence
Thomas Moran
Thomas Phillips
Thomas Pollock Anshutz
Thomas Ralph Spence
Thomas Rowlandson
Thomas Sidney Cooper
Thomas Smythe
Thomas Sully
Thomas Wilmer Dewing
Thomas Worthington Whittredge
Théodore Géricault
Théodore Rousseau
Théodule Augustin Ribot
Tony Robert-fleury
Tsukioka Kinzaburo Yoshitoshi
Utagawa Kunisada
Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov
Valentine Cameron Prinsep
Vasili Grigorevich Perov
Vasilij Vereshchagin
Vicente Lopez y Portana
Victor De Grailly
Victor Dubreuil
Victor Gabriel Gilbert
Victor Hugo
Victor Jean Adam
Victor-pierre Huguet
Viktor Schramm
Vincent van Gogh
Vincenzo Camuccini
Vitezlav Karel Masek
Vito D'ancona
Vittorio Raineri
W.b. Wollen
W.c. Horsley
W.n. Marstrand
W.w. Denslow
Walter Crane
Walter Langley
Walter Paget
Wilhelm Gause
Wilhelm Leibl
William A. Breakspeare
William Adolphe Bouguereau
William Alexander
William Anderson
William Barraud
William Bell Scott
William Blake Richmond
William Callow
William Davis
William De Morgan
William Dyce
William Etty
William Henry Knight
William Holbrook Beard
William Holl
William Holl II
William Holman Hunt
William Jabez Muckley
William John Hennessy
William Joseph Shayer
William Louis Sonntag
William Merritt Chase
William Michael Harnett
William Morris
William Mulready
William Powell Frith
William Shayer
William Sidney Mount
William Trost Richards
William Turner
William Tylee Ranney
William Wall
William Wyld
Willibrord Joseph Mahler
Winslow Homer
Xu Gu
Yanagawa Shigenobu II
Édouard Manet
Émile Prisse d'Avennes

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